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Try the new IQOS ILUMA your way

In-store guided trials, device lending, introduction to TEREA, guidance and support.

Fill out the form and an IQOS consultant will call you back to arrange your IQOS ILUMA trial.

Our experts are on hand to walk your through the basics and get you started on your IQOS journey.

If you prefer, you can meet an IQOS coach in a place that suits you.

We choose better together.

With IQOS you get an alternative to cigarettes that delivers taste satisfaction with less smell and no smoke.

Which IQOS ILUMA to try?


Enjoy a clean, bladeless experience with IQOS ILUMA and get [4] free packs of TEREA.


IQOS ILUMA ONE syncs to your rhythm. Try it and get [4] free packs of TEREA.

IQOS ILUMA PRIME™ is not part of our lending service. It is only possible for you to try IQOS ILUMA™ and IQOS ILUMA ONE™. IQOS ILUMA™ is designed to be used only with TEREA™ sticks.

Next level technology.

More TEREA flavours to explore

Do not use IQOS ILUMA and TEREA sticks with previous IQOS generations, as this may cause damage to your device. TEREA sticks contain metal parts. Keep out of reach of children to prevent disassembly or ingestion.

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IQOS testimonial

“I’m getting even closer to friends, with no cigarette smoke to come between us.”



Let us show you in person

Switching is even easier with a little help from an expert. Our coaches love showing IQOS off and they’ll even come to you. Sign up today for an in-person trial.

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    IQOS ILUMA PRIME is not part of our lending service. It is only possible for you to try IQOS ILUMA and IQOS ILUMA ONE. IQOS ILUMA is designed to be used only with TEREA sticks.

    Discover IQOS.

    It’s time to make a change. To become part of a global IQOS community. Over 13.9 million adult smokers have stopped burning tobacco and started heating it with IQOS*.

    *Source: PMI Financials or estimates, IQOS™  user panels and PMI Market Research. Status as of March 2021. IQOS™  users who have completely quit cigarettes and for whom PMI HeatSticks represent at least 70% of their past 7-day heated tobacco consumption

    This product is not risk free and provides nicotine, which is addictive. Only for use by adults. 

    E producto aki no ta liber di riesgo y ta contene nicotina, cu ta adictivo. Solamente pa usuario adulto. 

    Dit product is niet risicovrij en bevat nicotine, wat verslavend is. Alleen voor gebruik door volwassenen.